Infertility on The View

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Just have to say that I love the last couple (male infertility factor). I love his humor… reminds me a lot of D’s. And so happy that their story has a happy ending.

What are your thoughts about how this subject was broached?


Look familiar?

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If you’ve seen the news today, an angry man flew a plane into the Echelon building in ATX… which incidentally is located next to the site of the adoption conference Saturday. Praying for the family this man left behind and that the conference will not be adversely affected by this disaster.

Adoption. Geneticist. Birthday.

The adoption conference we’re attending takes place next Saturday. I’m excited and nervous at the same time… excited to be learning about the different types of adoption, nervous about sharing our story with complete strangers. I know that it will be a great experience and will provide us with lots of vital information for when we do go down that road.

On the “biological” front, D finally finished all the genetic paperwork and we’ll be sending that off to the geneticist in the mail. His appointment is 2 1/2 weeks away. I’m so thankful that our lives have been busy so we’ve had things to distract us from this waiting game. Between playing in a volleyball league on Monday nights, both of us coaching Upward basketball teams with practice on Tuesday nights and games on Saturday, Texas basketball games, Valentine’s Day activities and D’s birthday, we’ve had plenty to do to keep our minds off of “things”.

Speaking of birthdays, D celebrated his 26th birthday this past Friday. I conspired with friends to surprise him at our house, then go to dinner at his favorite restaurant, and finally a poker night with the guys back at our place. Top it all off with his favorite dessert- plain cheesecake with fresh strawberries- and I think I accomplished making him feel special! It was so important to me this year that he know how much I love and appreciate him, and if anything, this whole process has taught me to let him know that more- not just this year.

As we get ready for our appointment March 4th, what can we expect when meeting with the geneticist? We received a letter that said to allow for 2 hours for the appointment… what are they going to be doing? Any ideas or experience to share?


“You have successfully registered for the 2010 Adoption Conference! Thank you again for your interest, and we look forward to seeing you. You will receive a confirmation email shortly.”