Gray Day

It’s been an overcast, sometimes rainy, day today. That’s not a good mix when dealing with 5 year-olds suffering from Spring Fever. But oh well! Tomorrow’s Friday! Which means jean day at my school.

I. love. jeans.

They are so much more comfortable to teach in and just make an already great day even more awesome. I don’t know how those of you with “regular” jobs make it through the week without a jean day. But then there are those like my husband who gets to wear jeans every day to his casual office. Or like my brother-in-law who wears shorts (!) to work. That’s field day-only attire for me!

Anyway, off the jeans subject. I finally got through to the RE’s office today to make an appointment. It’s so hard to make an appointment before they close at 4:30 with after school meetings and duties and extra-curricular activities. But I did today. And I thought they were kidding when they told me the next available appointment.

Are you ready for this?

Thursday April 22 at 9:30 am.

That’s right. I have an appointment a week from today.

Can you believe it?

I can’t! I seriously thought I wouldn’t get an appointment until sometime this summer. And now I have one in a week!

When I told the girl on the phone that I didn’t expect to get in this soon, she told me that the wait for an appointment is usually at least a month- but for some reason this doctor has an opening next week. Yay!

Now off to fill out one of the forms they want completed before the appointment…


Thank you!

Thanks for all the advice. I’m going to go ahead and make an appointment with a RE- I tried to today, but the office was closed by the time I got home…

D and I had an interesting weekend. We went through several highs and lows in just two days. Needless to say, I need a weekend from my weekend. It all started Friday night when we were both being stubborn about where to go to eat dinner. An hour and a half later after driving all over the great city we live in, we were home ordering a pizza and making up. 😉

On Saturday, we were both lazy bums for most of the day. We did finally get out and do some yard work in our backyard. My legs hurt from hauling, dumping, and spreading mulch. Bags of mulch are heavy. WET bags of mulch are impossible to carry! (Note: Doesn’t our sago palm look sad?! After the hail storm last year and our freezing/snowy winter, I’m not sure he’s going to survive!)

At one point during the day, D decided to email his doctor because he didn’t believe me that IVF costs pretty much the same amount each time you do the procedure. He thought you paid that much once, and then it would be cheaper each time after. ha! I know there are places that offer deals depending on how many times you go through the procedure and even offer refunds if its not successful. Anyway, when D found out that I was, indeed, correct, he was pretty bummed. And he cried. Finally. It has seemed like this has taken its toll on me emotionally more so than him, so to see him experience the emotions I have been was indescribable. Of course, I cried with him. We just sat on the couch, holding each other, and let the tears flow.

Last night, D and I spent some time talking about how we are going to afford this. If we can afford this. If this is the right decision. What the right decision is. We really are torn. While in one sense, we feel like we’ve gotten great news to be able to attempt IVF to conceive our own child, we don’t know if that’s what we’re supposed to do right now. We’re going to go ahead and talk to the RE, find out more about the process, etc. And we’re going to be praying. Hard.

2nd round of results!

The results came back normal! for the second genetic test. I am so thankful! This means we move onto ICSI/IVF! Woo-hoo! Excited, much?

We emailed his doctor to let him know about the results and to find out exactly what the next step would be. His reply: If you and your wife are committed to ICSI/IVF and everything is arranged on her end with reproductive OB, then we would proceed with testis biopsy and harvest.

What does this mean? Do we need to find a RE? Do I talk to my normal OB/GYN? I kinda feel like we should find out the condition of the swimmers before bringing more doctors into it. I need help! 🙂 Let me know what you did! Thank you!

My nephew is here!

My sister went into labor early this morning and gave birth to a little boy, G. He weighed 6lbs 13oz and measured 18 inches long. When my sister first got to see him, the doctor thought that he was fine- no Down’s syndrome. But a little later they came back and have all but confirmed that G does in fact have Down’s syndrome. I woke up to a text message early this morning, got up and dressed and drove the 2 hours to be there with her today. I just got back home and am exhausted. While we know that G will be a joy in each of our lives, it will take some time to process what this all means. Please pray for my sister and her husband.