…more days of school!

I am ready to be done with this school year.

This summer, I plan on doing lots of things:

  • work on my tan
  • read!
  • go to the library!
  • finally go get my massage that I was given for our anniversary last June
  • trip to the beach
  • trip to Colorado with D’s family
  • visit the state capital
  • go to a minor league baseball game
  • try out this famous bbq place
  • work on fixing up a bassinet that D found on Craig’s List (think positive thoughts, Les)
  • spend time with friends

I can’t wait!

6 more days. (!)


And she showed…

Yep, AF has arrived. I really find it funny that it never fails… once I speak about it being late, it shows up the next day.

As for the news that I’ve been meaning to share on here… well, it’s a long story- but here goes!

The appointment with the RE went really well. We came out very encouraged with the success rate they thought was appropriate for us- 70-80% each cycle. She gave us each things that we need to do- blood work, the dreaded HSG, and D’s biopsy, of course. The estimated price of this IVF adventure… $14,000. Have I ever mentioned that IF really stinks?

Needless to say, we don’t have that kind of money readily available. We’ve been saving since January because it was becoming pretty clear that starting our family would not be cheap. But we are nowhere near that amount. And I will not let infertility drive us into debt.

As I’ve mentioned before, I would love to have a summer baby due to teaching and time off. This would mean that we would need to have the money saved up by August so we could do IVF in September. And if we don’t have the money saved, we would need to wait another year. The probability of us having the money in a few more months is pretty slim. And I couldn’t stand the thought of waiting until next year, having a failed cycle and being in the exact same situation again.

At the same time, the idea of foster care has continued to be brought to mind. In fact, I shared this with someone 1-2 months ago, but told them there’s no way I could ever do it. Insert this tugging at my heart and the need to do something (anything!) while we’re waiting, we found ourselves at an informational meeting last week and have been busily working on the application to become foster parents! We’re both super excited but nervous and scared at the same time. We realize that while we’ll be able to provide a safe, loving environment for a child or two, the heartbreak we’ll experience if/when they are removed from our home for permanent placement will be difficult to endure. We would love to be able to adopt out of foster care, but are also aware that the younger the child is, the more likely that relatives will show up wanting to care for them. And as D likes to say, “We want a baby.”

Classes start June 1st and end June 24th. Then we have our home study and (hopefully) will be certified!

In closing this post, I want to share the song that really got this all started. I know, it sounds so cliche that a simple song could spark someone to make such a drastic decision from the path they were originally on, but it’s true.

I’ve never seen the movie “Fireproof” and really had no idea when I first heard this song that it was from this movie. But now I think I’m going to have to watch it… it’ll be a tear jerker.

A thought just occurred to me… this song completely goes with the title of my blog!


No, that’s not the number of days of school left. Praise the Lord, the count is down to 9 days!

It’s not that domino game my in-laws love playing so much that I dread hearing the clinking sound of dominoes being dumped onto a table.

It’s my cycle day number. My cycle is usually 32-34 days. I know that there’s no way (let me repeat- no. way.) that a pregnancy could be possible. At least I don’t think there is.

I partly believe that just writing this down will bring AF on soon.

We’ll see…