A Day in the Life

Another blogger is documenting her life with two kids age 2 and under, just writing down the daily routine so she can look back on it one day and remember what it was like.  What a good idea!  So… here’s my day:

4:30am- H wakes up; feed her; change her diaper; burp her; back to sleep
8:00am- H wakes again; feed her; change her diaper; get her dressed; play until A wakes up;
10:00am- A finally makes his appearance (seriously, he doesn’t normally sleep that late, but he did today!) Feed A; change his diaper; brush teeth; get dressed; comb hair; H is ready to take a morning nap so A and I take the monitor and play outside while she sleeps;
11:00am- H wakes up; feed her; change her diaper; tummy time!
11:30am- a friend, K, comes over to see the little ones; she holds H while I get A’s lunch ready;
12:00pm- A and I eat lunch; K holds H; (don’t worry- I invited her to join us for lunch but she was meeting someone else later)
12:45pm- H goes down for afternoon nap; clean up lunch; A goes down for nap;
3:00pm- H wakes up; feed her; change her diaper; play;
3:30pm- A wakes up; give him a snack and watch a cartoon together;
4:30pm- H falls asleep in her swing; takes a short catnap; A and I play and then I start getting dinner going;
5:00pm- H starts to fuss so I move her swing to the kitchen while I cook; A plays with his cars and trucks, driving them over the couches, through the kitchen, etc.
5:45pm- D’s home!  He plays with A while I continue getting dinner ready, then feeds H;
6:15pm- Dinner!
6:45pm- We all go outside to play/ rock in a rocking chair; then we go for a walk around the neighborhood;
7:30pm- Bath time for A; then clean up toys in living room and playroom;
8:00pm- Bed time for A; bath time for H;
8:15pm- Last bottle of the night for H;
9:00pm- Bed time for H; clean up kitchen; sort through mail; tell myself I’m going to bed earlier tonight… though that never happens!
11:00pm- Bed time for me!

My days are crazy/hectic/chaotic… but I wouldn’t have it any other way! 

Thanks be to God for his inexpressible gift!  2 Corinthians 9:15

There’s nothing better than…

the feeling of your feet in the sand.
wasting an afternoon away at a beautiful beach.
enjoying a slice of key lime pie in Key West.
  spending time away with great friends. 
There’s nothing better than coming home.
And seeing A.
And holding H.
And being together under one roof.

Winner, Winner!

I used random.org to generate the winner for the giveaway- they picked commenter #2…

which would be…

Kelly, from makingmonkeysoup.com!  Congratulations Kelly!  If you still have my email address from earlier communication, you can just shoot me an email with your address and I’ll ship the bracelet as soon as possible.  The bracelet, by the way, is really cute!  I might have to order another one for myself!

Thanks to all who participated!

Giveaway ending soon!

My giveaway is ending soon- midnight Saturday night, so if you haven’t left a comment, go leave one on this post!  You’ll have a great chance to win!

Happy Father’s Day, D!

Three years ago this month, we embarked on this journey to become parents.  So much has happened, so many things have changed in those three years.  Enduring the news that we will never have children on our own-the traditional way, was so difficult to process, but I’m so thankful I had you by my side.  We were always a team- at appointments, adoption conferences, and finally, through 30 hours of classes last summer to get to where we are now. 

When we received the news that we were selected to be A’s new foster parents, you were so excited.  We both were floored.  And as we drove the three hours to meet him the first time, we were both so nervous, even stopping at a fast food restaurant to compose ourselves before arriving at his current placement’s home.  I’m so glad I have pictures to capture the larger-than-life smile plastered on your face that day.  The icing on the cake was that we were also celebrating your birthday- and it was hard for me not to remember celebrating your birthday last year, when I wanted to do anything to encourage you, cheer you up, let you know how much I appreciate you.  Would either of us ever have thought that a year later, we would be meeting our first foster placement and (hopefully) soon-to-be-adopted son?

And then, when we’d had A for two months, we receive a phone call asking if we would take his sister, and your response was, “How can we say no?”  So it was that H entered our lives, and you became an even more caring, attentive father.  This little girl has you wrapped around her finger- and I don’t think there’s any other place you’d rather be.  You are such a hands-on dad and I’m so thankful to have you as my partner and best friend.  Changing diapers, bathing little ones, taking A for walks when you get home and playing with him in the backyard, making bottles, rocking H to sleep, walking laps around the house to get her little eyes to finally close- the list could go on and on.  Thank you for being you and for keeping me laughing, even during the chaos.

I love you so much and am so glad your day has come.

2-0 giveaway!

I mentioned a few posts ago that I would like to do a giveaway in celebration of my blog reaching 20 followers.  When I started writing this blog, my intent was to be able to have a place where I could write about the obstacles D and I were facing, and hopefully get advice from others who had already been down this road and commiserate with those on the same journey.  And now, almost two years later, I can say that I’ve made great friends through this blogging community.  Your blogs have been such an inspiration to me- they have given me hope, encouragement, and brought laughter to times when all I’ve felt like doing was crying.

I can still remember finding Julie’s blog, and waiting in anticipation with her for the results on her hubby’s tests.  Through Julie’s blog, I found Foxy who always writes such thoughtful and thought-provoking posts.  I found Rachel’s blog (or actually, she might have found mine first, but I quickly began following her as well) and have truly felt for her as she has endured the ups and downs of this infertility roller coaster- and now I have my fingers crossed that a match will happen soon for her!  When we decided to go down the fostering road, I found Denver Laura’s blog, Penelope’s blog, Kelly’s blog, Mandi’s blog- and they have all been so helpful in providing support, knowledge, and encouraging comments.

I could mention so many more blogs (and bloggers) that have been instrumental in my continuing to come here and post.  Thank you for coming to my little blog and reading, and not only reading, but leaving comments of encouragement, support, and promises of prayers.  And now for the giveaway…

a retro red braided fabric bracelet with hand-stamped tag from theadoptshoppe, where the sale of each item goes to fund their pending adoption.  The tag will be stamped with the word hope- something I think speaks to the heart of every infertile- whether they have gone on to have children of their own, are adopting, or are currently on their own journey of overcoming the odds.

How to enter:
Leave a comment on this post with what you want your blog followers to glean from your blog.  Are you looking to inspire others?  Just needing a place to put your thoughts down?  Or maybe even more important, a place to document your journey?  One entry per person.  Giveaway will end midnight June 25th with the winner being announced the following day.  Good luck and happy blogging!

What’s next for A?

A few weeks ago, Foxy asked in her comment about the process for adopting A, so I thought I’d walk you through.  First, A’s situation is not typical in that he was placed in our home as a foster placement but looking for an adoptive home.  Usually children come into your home as a foster placement looking to reunite with their family or as a legally free placement (ready for adoption).  A fits in between those two categories which is helpful for us because we skipped over the 18 months he’s already spent in foster care, waiting for his parents to work services.  So our waiting time until adoption isn’t as long as it could have been.  All that to say, nothing’s a done deal until the judge tells us we’re A’s parents.

Basically, we’ve had A for three months now.  There has been one court hearing (which we thought would get more things accomplished- I wrote about that here) with another court hearing scheduled in a few months.  After that court hearing, we wait 90 days for him to be moved into adoptive placement.  Which just means that instead of us being considered his foster home, we’re would be his adoptive home.  Adoption can take place after that.  So if you do the math, we could adopt A as early as this fall, but realistically, I don’t expect it to happen in 2011.   But when it does, we are celebrating big!

A continues to love people and truly doesn’t know a stranger.  He tells everyone hi and bye-bye everywhere we go.  Sometimes after he’s been playing quietly in his playroom, he’ll come running into wherever we are and get in our face to say, “Hi!”  Then back to playing he goes!  His favorite answer to any question right now is, “No.”  As in, “A, are you ready to go home?”  “No.”  “Did you have fun today?”  “No.”  He says it in a cute, innocent voice as of now, but I know the days of the defiant, “NO!” are right around the corner… 

When A first started calling us Mama and Da-Da, he usually used Mama more often to refer to either of us.  D would correct him and say, “No, I’m Da-Da.”  I would joke with D and say A already knows who the cooler parent is- which is the furthest thing from the truth.  A has so much fun with D, whether they’re mowing the lawn together, watering the grass, or D is giving him a bath- there is sure to be an abundance of laughter involved.  And now A is definitely calling for his Da-Da.  When he wakes up in the morning.  When he goes to bed at night.  When Mama tells him something he doesn’t like.  ha!  D has been out of town the past two days and his absence has been noted by a little boy in our household.  He was so happy to see Da-Da last night when he walked through the door.  

And after two days of parenting solo, I was too! 🙂

a post in which i apologize

I’m sorry for not being the greatest commenter lately.  Our household has been super busy (I know- excuses, excuses) but with school winding down (only teacher in-service this week), I hope to be able to keep up with commenting better in the coming weeks.  (I just used parentheses twice in one sentence!)  I have been reading so I do feel like I know what’s going on in everyone’s lives right now.  I so appreciate your sweet comments on my recent blog posts.  I still find this blogging community so amazing in how each blogger is supported and encouraged by others facing the same struggles and (lately) triumphs!

Last week I blogged about the roller-coaster-of-a-day we had.  After I published that post, it got even better.  D received the results back from his professional engineering exam so I’ll take the next few lines to brag on my hubby.  He passed!  And not only did he pass, he made the highest score in his office of the recent test-takers!  He was so happy/relieved/strutting his stuff around the house as he reveled in being done with that forever.  And I am so proud of him.  His test fell right about a month after A was placed in our home, so we were both worried that he wouldn’t get enough studying done with the new distraction.  I actually think it made him study more- he denies that and likes to say something about when you got it, you got it.  I wasn’t sure if he’d be able to get his big head out the door the next morning to go to work! 😉

Tomorrow night we have several friends/family coming to our house to take a SIDS/Child Development class that will be presented by T, our caseworker.  This is just one step in the process of becoming approved to babysit for us, but we are so grateful they are willing to do this.  Other things they will need to do include having a TB test done, filling out an application and signing a discipline policy and confidentiality agreement, getting and maintaining CPR/First Aid certification, and providing a copy of their driver’s license.  Six different households will be represented tomorrow so we will have many to choose from for date nights this summer! 🙂 

And I can’t believe I have 20 followers!  To think that I only know two of my followers in real life makes it even crazier!  I feel like I should have a give-away to celebrate hitting the 2-0 mark… hmm.  I’ll have to think on that.  I hope and pray that the words I write are meaningful and will help someone going down this same path in some way.