I know we’re not supposed to post pictures of A or H (to protect their privacy), but I figure pictures of little feet are fine, right?  H has the tiniest, most petite little feet- so tiny that at 7 1/2 months old, we are finally fitting into 0-3 month shoes.  She was sporting these little shoes yesterday and I just had to take a picture:

We are so excited to be celebrating our first Thanksgiving as a family of four- we have so much to be thankful for!   


Friday Night (Lights)

My school’s football team made it to the play-offs, so last night I bundled up and went to the game.  The game was predicted to be a blow-out (in our favor), but when I left at half-time, we were only up two points.  It was only 8:45 so I made a trip to Target where I walked the brightly lit aisles, looking for pajamas, toothbrush and toothpaste, a teddy bear, fleece blanket, clothing for a two year-old boy, a nightlight, a Bible for children, socks and underwear. 

No, we’re not going camping.

So many children (and teens) come into the foster care system with very few belongings.  Since the circumstances surrounding why they have been removed from their homes are never good, they often leave quickly, with only a trash bag to hold the few things they have brought with them.  This is where Project Care Case comes in: they provide suitcases filled with the essentials to help make this transition a little more bearable for these hurting kids.  A and H have both been on the receiving end of PCC, and while A came with many belongings and a heart of love, H came only with the clothes on her back. 

Project Care Case is making a difference in the lives of these kids, so when we sent out invitations for A’s birthday, we asked that guests bring a new/gently used suitcase to give to PCC.  The response was great- and it came at a needed time!  PCC was/is facing a suitcase shortage, as well as a depleted supply of the items that go inside each case.  Yesterday, a plea was sent out on facebook, asking for people to sponsor a case for one of eleven children who are coming into care for the first time.  I called D to see if we could take care of one- there was a need listed for a 2 year-old boy so I thought that was right up our alley- which led me to Target last night, searching the aisles for the items on my list. 

When A and H came into our lives, we were overwhelmed with the outpouring of love, donations of clothing, toys, diapers, formula, gift cards and meals that we were blessed with.  Many things came to us anonymously so we have no idea where to begin in thanking those who gave.  Giving back in this way is our way of showing our thanks to all who gave so freely to us. 

Do you know of an organization like this in your area?  What are your favorite non-profits to support? 

Oh, and for those wondering about the football game… we won 68-36.  Yes, that’s a football score, not a basketball score.  We play 6-man which often means high scoring games. 

Quick Update

  • Nothing has changed in H’s case- which in this situation, no news is good news!
  • Started filling out paperwork for A’s adoption
  • Decided on what his new name will be
    • Wanted to keep the name his mom gave him to honor her, while also giving him a name that connects him to our family so in the end, he’ll have the same first name but different middle name
  • Paperwork keeps me busy
  • Paperwork increases when both get sick and are prescribed medicine
  • I’m not the best at turning my paperwork in by the monthly deadline- so thankful for our sweet, understanding AFS
  • I should do a post sometime on the amount of foster paperwork we fill out each month for our little ones…
  • We went trick-or-treating Monday night: A dressed as a monkey and H as a banana… or that was the plan, at least.  Then we discovered that the banana costume was not Baby Bjorn-friendly, so she went costume-less, but had fun all the same chewing/drooling on the carrier.
  • H is almost 7 months old!  She’s not crawling yet, but she’s getting up on her knees more and more each day.  She’s still a petite little thing- petite in height, but filling out in weight.  
  • A surprises us each day with the words he’s saying!  He’s able to express his needs in more complete sentences and loves to ask questions.  Over.  And.  Over.  Most of the time, it’s pretty funny.  Sometimes I have to stop the endless cycle of questions by asking him the question he’s asking me.  He loves to come up to me and ask, “What, Mama?”  He also loves to count- anything and everything!  Whether he’s knocking on a wall, banging a drumstick on the floor, or putting his cars in his bucket, he counts and counts and counts!  And lately, he’s been a major Mama’s boy!  Hugs and kisses, holding my hand, taking my face between his hands and giving me the most contagious smile- I’m loving the extra attention!  Poor Daddy… 😉