My friend Erin over at Worthy of the Prize is hosting a giveaway for the cutest printable and necklace from TheAdoptShoppe!  Does that name sound familiar?  If it does, it’s because I gave away one of her cute bracelets this summer when I hit 20 followers.

My 2011 resolution?  To find joy in the journey… yeah, I really want to win this!



Edited to add: This was supposed to post yesterday… not sure what happened.

“Not alike in character or quality; differing.”  I’m rejoicing in the fact that the holiday season is different this year.  There’s the obvious growth from a couple to a family of four that has taken place.  There’s the excitement of seeing Christmas through the eyes of a child who talks about Santa and signs Jingle Bells non-stop as well as the innocence of the season through the eyes of a child who trusts you so completely to care for their every need.  There’s the closing of the chapter of Christmases past where I told myself “This year will be our last Christmas without a child…”  There’s the keeping of traditions and creating new ones as we celebrate our first Christmas together.  It has all been so wonderful, the feeling of contentment and satisfaction so overwhelming that, at times, I’ve been brought to tears as I rest in the newness of it all.

It doesn’t take much to make me tear up these days… seeing our set of four stockings that a friend’s mother made for us.  Picking out and purchasing our tree together and watching A help D- the happiness in the eyes of both as they wheeled the cart around together in the cool night air.  The basket of Christmas books A chooses from each night before bedtime- a new tradition we’ve started.  The sock monkey ornaments with the names of A and H hanging on our tree.  Adding two new people to my Christmas shopping list- getting them something they want, something they need, something to play with, something to read.  Picking out a book for each was so special; writing a note inside the cover to A and H made me cry as well.  I love these two more than words can say so trying to write a note to convey that love was difficult.  I wanted to just squeeze the book as close to my heart as possible and say, “There- did you feel that?  I love you so much my heart hurts.”

We’ll be spending time with both families over the holidays and just returned today from spending a few days with the foster grandparents.  They are such a special presence in our lives- we love them dearly.  We’ll go to our church’s Christmas Eve service and then eat dinner with a friend’s family before coming home to let A and H open a gift (Christmas pjs).  Christmas morning will be celebrated with just the four of us and I’m so looking forward to having the morning to ourselves, to open gifts together and to rejoice in the birth of our Savior.  D’s family will come later that day.  We all live relatively close to each other so we do see each other more often, but it will be so fun to just hang out without having to be anywhere.  Plus A and H love their aunts and uncles so I know it’s a treat for the little ones, too! 

Merry Christmas!