February 22, 2012

H’s final court date.  Her case will be transferred to the adoption unit soon and we’ll get to move forward in adopting both A and H together!  I spoke with our adoption attorney today as well as our AFS, and CPS came out for their monthly visit.  It was a busy day- but we’re so anxious to get an adoption date on the docket and finally have our forever family! 

I have no idea when it will happen but I do know that it won’t be before the end of May due to the 90 days that relatives still have to come forward.  Maybe June?  And then we are throwing a PAR-TAY! 
It’s so hard to believe that at this time last year, A hadn’t even been placed in our home yet.  What a difference a year makes! 

As we begin filling out paperwork for the adoption, we have to decide now whether we’re changing their names and what their new names will be.  For A, we’ve decided to only change his middle name and we thought we’d do the same for H, but recently I’ve felt like this might be my only chance to name a child.  Since H is still so young, a name change wouldn’t affect her.  The reason we were thinking to keep her first name is so we can keep that connection to her birth mom so when (not if, but when) she goes through that period in life where she hates us for adopting her, she might find comfort in knowing she had the name her mother gave her.  Does that even make sense?  What are your thoughts?  We need advice!  And if you have a name suggestion, feel free to throw that out too!



Two weeks ago, D’s dad had open heart surgery.  He’s doing really well considering the major surgery he just endured, so this past Friday night we made the trip to go see him.  A and H had fun with their GiGi and Poppy, Uncle D and Aunt J.  We ate dinner, gave them baths, got pjs on, fed H her last bottle of the night and loaded up to come home.  We’ve learned that getting them all ready for bed before a car trip helps so much!  When we get home, we can just put them straight to bed. 

This past time, though, when we were pulling into the garage, A started crying, “Mommy!  Mommy!”  I looked at D and said, “I’ll get him.  You get H.”  I got him out of his car seat and walked him to his room.  He was still crying and screaming, “Mommy!  Mommy!” so I sat down to rock him.  I kept telling him, “It’s okay.  Mommy’s here.”  But he just wouldn’t settle down.  At one point, he was crying out for me and I was responding but it was like he couldn’t see me.  Then his little body started shaking so I put him down on the ground in front of me so that he could see me, cradling his little body.  He continued to scream and cry.  At this point, D comes into the room and thinks A is being a 2 year-old and trying to avoid bedtime, but as soon as he sees the look on my face and A’s little body shaking, he knew something was up.  D walked over, picked him up and just like that, A quieted down, his eyes closed and he was asleep in 30 seconds. 

We walked out of the room, both kinda freaked out about what just happened.  Did A have an episode of night terrors?  Was he sleepwalking?  Whatever it was, it was not fun to watch!

one year ago

one year ago today
i went to bed, anxiously awaiting the arrival
of tomorrow.
the day where a group of people we had never met
would make a decision that would 
change our lives forever.
one year ago today
our home was empty
but our hearts were full of
of what was to come.  
we were more than ready to arrive 
at our destination:
becoming a forever family.
one year ago today
i had no idea what tomorrow
might bring.
what the next year would bring.
no idea that in a mere 365 days
we would be blessed with the
opportunity to love on a sweet little boy
and his precious little sister.
one year ago today
i prayed so hard for the lord to
grant me the desires of my heart.
and to give me peace that passes all understanding
if being chosen wasn’t part of his plan.
one year ago today
i fell asleep thinking
it would be an honor to have been chosen as
the final three.
 one year ago tomorrow
i stepped out of my classroom
and prayed while the conference call was
taking place.
oh how i prayed!
 one year ago tomorrow
 my phone rang 
and just like that, we were chosen to be parents
to a little boy we had dreamed of meeting
since the first time we saw his face.
one year ago tomorrow…
i got to hit the send button on a mass text message
that read:
We got him!