We celebrated one year of having A with us in our home today.  It’s hard to believe that D and I became parents to an 18 month-old this time last year.  A has grown and changed so much that we find it difficult to think of what A was like when he came home. 

Since A is still too young to really understand what today is all about, we did the decision-making as far as the festivities were concerned.  I can’t wait for him to be the one doing the planning.  We went to a local pizza place and ate A’s favorite food.  H enjoyed trying some of our food and she loved laughing and talking to those sitting around us.  She eats up the extra attention!  A opened his gift which was this book:

And then he enjoyed his first taste of frozen yogurt.  He loved it!  I think we’ll be frequent customers this summer when the Texas heat wave hits!  On the way to the yogurt shop, A told us in the car, “Mom, I very sick.  I need go see doctor.”  D and I had to laugh at how serious he was when he said that!  Then he said, “Mom, I not tired.  I wake!”  I responded by saying, “Good!  I’m so glad you’re awake!”  A says, “Yeah.  Me too.” 
All in all, we enjoyed the evening together- our little family of four.