June 28, 2012


What’s new?

Moving.  Adopting.  Change of address.  Change of name.  Job change.  Lots of changes happening in our household this summer.  Changes that bring so much joy to our lives!  Changes that I never saw coming, but am so thankful, blessed that they are happening. 

Moving: We learned through a neighbor of a home that was going to be going on the market that was slightly larger than our current home and had an extra bedroom.  We were able to look at the home before it went on the market, fell in love with it, and are closing on it tomorrow (Friday).  The best part?  Our mortgage won’t increase which is nothing short of a miracle, but one stipulation we needed due to…

Job change: I’m changing jobs!  But in a way, I’m really not.  Changing hours might be a better way to describe it.  I’ll be working three days/week next year, homeschooling a 5th grader in our neighborhood.  I’ll have two extra days to spend time with A and H, as well as my hours on the days that I teach will be shorter too!  I’m looking forward to a new challenge as I teach a new level.  I’m thrilled that A and H will both be going to preschools/mother’s day out programs that are Christian-based where they’ll learn about God’s love, His plan, His grace. 

H’s foot in D’s hand shortly after she was placed in our home at 1 month old

Adoption:  We received the date of the adoption proceedings this week and I’m so excited!  There are still times that I feel the need to pinch myself, so as to wake myself up from this dream I’m living in.  As I was packing boxes this week, I came across a plastic tub of clothes labeled Newborn-Girl from our first months with H.  I opened it up and laying on top was the tiny outfit she was wearing when she came to us.  I couldn’t help but pick it up and hold it to my face, smelling this piece of clothing that looks like it could only fit a doll.  And A… there are days that I can’t believe he isn’t our biological child.  He is such a carbon copy of D and has developed quite the sense of humor!  I sometimes wonder if I am talking to a two year-old or a teenager with the things he comes up with!  I find myself speechless when I try to talk about how much adoption day will mean to me.  I can’t find the words to describe my feelings.  Saying that I’ll be the happiest girl in the world on this day still doesn’t capture the true joy behind it all.  I’m overwhelmed with gratitude to God for placing these two in our lives, to the many family and friends who have prayed for us, encouraged us, supported us, and shared in our joy through this journey.  Overwhelmed with a huge dose of humility as I realize daily how much of a blessing being parents to A and H is and how often I come up short on the parenting end.  Feeling totally undeserving to have been given this opportunity.  And more thankful than I could have ever imagined!