Some of my favorites

I love getting blog recommendations from others- that’s how I’ve found some of my most favorite blogs.  So here’s a list of blogs you should check out!

  1. Under the Sycamore:  Ashley Ann is so creative and crafty.  Her blog is full of vintage finds, beautiful creations, and her writing is such a breath of fresh air.  She and her hubby have 4 adorable kids and are in the process of a special needs adoption through China.
  2. BowerPower: Katie Bower inspires me.  She makes me laugh.  She makes me feel completely normal.  And her little boy Will is cute!  She blogs mostly about the home improvement changes they are making to their home, but mixes in deep, thought-provoking posts as well.  And she’s honest.  What you see is what you get with Katie Bower.
  3. Young House Love: I feel kinda silly for putting their blog on this list because I feel like everyone knows about this blog.  But just in case you don’t, you should totally check it out.  Another DIY, home-renovating blog, this couple is meticulous in their tutorial posts and are always looking for the best deal!  And they’re not afraid to make fun of themselves- which is refreshing in a blog culture where you can paint your life with whatever brush you like.
  4. Waiting on a Word: To say that Leslie has a heart for adoption would be putting it mildly.  She and her husband are currently in the process of adopting internationally.  They are also licensed foster parents and currently care for a sweet baby boy.  Her heart for the brokenhearted, the fatherless, the orphans is so apparent in her posts.

What are some of your blog recommendations?


Bullet point update



  • We took our first family vacation to the beach and had a blast!  A and H had so much fun digging in the sand and splashing in the water.  We are definitely thinking about making it a summer tradition.
  • We’re starting to settle into our new home.  We love the additional space and that we got to stay in the same neighborhood.  Our new (to us) next door neighbors have so much in common with us!  We know many of the same people through my internship at the School for the Deaf in college, have both adopted out of the foster care system and even became licensed through the same agency!
  • Speaking of our agency, we had intended to go inactive in the system once the adoption was finalized in June, but changed our minds and are staying active.  We are completely content with the size of our family right now, but we have open hearts (and an open home) to whatever (whomever) God has planned for us.   
  • Today would have been my first day back at school if I had continued teaching kindergarten.  It’s bittersweet- to be missing my colleagues and friends at school, but to also be enjoying my last two weeks with A and H before I begin my part-time homeschooling venture… which I’m really excited about!  I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to spend more time with A and H as well as teach a different grade level, different subjects, in a different environment.  
  • A is nearing his 3rd birthday in a few short weeks!  It’s hard to believe that he’ll have been with us the same amount of time he was with his first foster parents.  He’s funny, energetic, sweet, stubborn, and compassionate.  He’s curious, bossy to his little sister, and has yet to meet a stranger.  He cracks me up and melts my heart, especially with his impromptu I love you’s he’s been handing out this week.  
  • H is continuing to develop quite the personality.  She can be very shy and standoffish with strangers, but once she knows you, she loves to plop herself in your lap!  She signs and tries to say “all done” and “more”.  She says Ma-ma and Da-da, and something that sounds like “aw, man!”.  She snatches our phones any chance she gets and walks around the house, holding it to her ear saying, “Hi!”  “Bye-bye,” is another favorite of hers.  She says it a lot to A when he’s pretending to go somewhere in the house (school, grocery store, bank).  She’s an expert walker and has no loss of appetite when it comes to food!  
  • They’re both great sleepers, usually sleeping for 12ish hours at night with a 2 hour nap during the day.  They both love to tickle and be tickled- and it’s so funny to watch H try to tickle her brother!  
  • We’re planning an adoption party this fall to celebrate the finalization.  And that deserves another post by itself!