Fall update

Classrooms have been decorated, teacher in-service meetings have been held, cubbies have been labeled with the names of new students… and I didn’t do a single one of these things.  Starting a new ‘adventure’ if you will, was very strange.  With my new job came other things to get ready for- curriculum to decide on, reading and researching to be done, and I still got to buy school supplies!  A started a 2-day preschool while H attends a Mother’s Day Out at a local church.  Shopping for school supplies with A was a blast- he loved holding the list for me.Image


We’ve also celebrated someone’s 3rd birthday this month!  I can’t believe we’ve already had him for 18 months- the same amount of time he spent with the previous foster parents.  And H is almost 18 months old which just doesn’t seem right.  She can’t be the same age A was when he came to live with us.  She’s growing up so fast!



A’s school experience has been great!  He loves his school and loves his teachers.  He is such a social child that he really needs to be around kids his age and he loves the structure of school.  On the days he’s home with me, he’s constantly asking, “What are we going to do next, Mama?”  Here’s a picture of us on his first day of school:



H loves her new school as well.  She’s a happy, easy-going little girl who also has a spunky personality and a no-fear outlook on life.  We constantly hear from her teachers that she’s the only one who doesn’t cry, that she’s happy all the time, her face is always lit up with a smile.  We’re glad they get to see that side of her at school because we know she can throw fits like nobody’s business at home!  Here she is at her ‘Meet the Teacher’:



She’s a climber, too!  And I have to empty the dishwasher very quietly so she doesn’t see me…



It’s football season and the favorite color in our household is burnt orange!  A loves cheering during football games and will randomly break out in chants of, “Go, Hook ’em Horns!  Go Hook ’em Horns!”  Image


In other news, we’re in the middle of renewing our foster care license for two more years.  We haven’t really felt like this door has closed for us, so we’re going to continue to remain active and see what happens.  We can honestly say we’re content either way- whether our family grows or stays the same size.  A and H bring so much joy into our lives and we feel so undeserving of this opportunity to be their parents.  

We’re also in the midst of planning an adoption celebration- something we said we’d do when the adoption was finalized.  Adoption is such a bittersweet occasion- there’s joy and rejoicing for one side, and such deep pain and loss for the other side.  We want A and H to know that families are linked together by more than biological genes, that families are made of people who love and care for them, people who pray for them, people who want the very best for their little lives.  So we’re inviting all those who have traveled this journey with us- who prayed as we waited for our first call, who prayed with us as the decision was made to place A in our home, who rejoiced with us when H was placed, who brought us meals, clothing, diapers, toys, etc. last summer, who texted/called/emailed to find out how court dates went, who wrapped us in the loving arms of prayer and encouraged us every step of the way.  They are forever a part of our family because that’s what family does.  That’s what family is.