My Advice to Prospective Foster Parents

A few months ago, I volunteered to be part of the foster parent panel at our agency for prospective foster parents to ask questions, hear our stories, and hopefully learn something.  Attending this class is a requirement for becoming licensed, and I remember how helpful it was to hear the stories of ‘real’ foster parents a few years ago when we were sitting in the class.  So I jumped at the chance to join the panel for the evening to share our story and prayed that someone sitting in the class would be helped by our experience.

After sharing how our family came to be, I wanted to pass on ideas that we had while we were going through the process and preparing for the arrival of a child or children.  

  • Gift Card Shower– many friends and family want to do something for you when they find out you’re becoming foster parents, but registering for gifts when you don’t know the age or gender of the child you’ll be caring for is just not practical.  My co-workers threw a gift card shower so that when the call came, we could go get the things we would need without worrying about the cost.  It was so helpful to have that to prepare for A’s arrival, but especially came in handy when H came to our home with only a few hours notice!  
  • Tour Daycare Centers– While we were waiting for our paperwork to go through to become licensed, we toured daycare facilities so we would be prepared and know which centers accepted CCMS.  We then had a narrowed-down list that we could go to when the call came.  And when the call came, the daycare that was at the top of our list had an opening!
  • Doctors– Another thing we did while waiting to become licensed was look for doctors on our insurance that would also take Medicaid.  By finding a doctor that took both insurances, we were hoping to lessen our chances of having to switch doctors if we did get to adopt.  Since adopting, we are blessed to have been able to stay with the same doctor who we love!
  • Babysitting Training Dinner- The last piece of advice that I have is something we did that I thought was kinda brilliant. 😉  One of the most difficult things about being a foster parent is not being able to call up any of your friends or family to baby-sit unless they’ve been approved by the agency/CPS.  When A and H were placed in our home, so many friends and family wanted to get on our babysitting list so we hosted a dinner at our house and asked our case worker to come teach the SIDS class.  (We’ve had the best case workers!) Then all that was needed was proof of CPR certification, copies of drivers’ licenses, and filling out a form for our agency (which we had copies of so they could do it that night).  We ended up having 5-10 people on our approved baby-sitting list, which made getting a date night out much easier!  It also helped that everyone was already CPR trained through their place of employment.

So there you have it!  My two (er, four) cents for prospective foster parents!


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One response to “My Advice to Prospective Foster Parents

  1. I love the advice! I wish it was that easy to get the babysitting approved here! We are working to get my folks approved while we wait to be matched. I got their fingerprints, applications and driving records in, but they still need to take a Saturday class at Pathways (it’s not offered again until May/June sometime), get federal fingerprints done for them and get them into a CPR/First Aid class. Pathways regulations are tough!

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