Azoo Update

There’s a long story to share…

Back in September, I decided out of the blue to google D’s diagnosis again to see if any new treatments were available now that weren’t available 4 (!) years ago.  The consensus among the doctors we saw back in late 2009-early 2010 was that there was a blockage and to have children, he would need to undergo a biopsy and then proceed with IVF.  What I found when I started searching in September was that there is a surgical procedure to correct the blockage and allow for couples to conceive naturally- without having to do something major like in-vitro.  I searched more and found a doctor who is at the top of the male infertility field and scheduled a phone consult.  

During the initial phone conversation, we shared the results of all the testing D underwent a few years back.  He wasn’t able to tell us that D was definitely blocked because we lacked the testing of two particular hormone levels.  After sending us orders to get those tested, D made the appointment in December and had his blood drawn again.  The results came back a few days before Christmas, and, though we lack the expertise to assess the levels, we compared his numbers to the normal ranges given to us- and it all seemed to confirm what we had been told.  Normal hormone levels mean there’s most likely a blockage.

Fast forward to this week when we had our second phone conversation with the doctor and cue the somber music.  Turns out the ‘normal’ ranges we were given were inaccurate and one of the key hormone levels was higher than normal, which completely changes D’s diagnosis.  This takes us back to square one: IVF is still our only choice for having a biological child.

The news was more shocking than devastating.  When you’ve already been told this one time, how devastating can it be to be told the same thing again?   The shock came in that we didn’t expect for D’s diagnosis to be changed, especially after four years of believing one diagnosis to be correct.  

As far as any future children are concerned, we’re still licensed foster parents, though inactive at the time.  Our year of going inactive ends in April, while our license doesn’t expire until September.  At this point, I think we’ll close up shop in April.  There are a few reasons why we feel like this is the best decision for our family, but that’s another post!  

We have started to research domestic adoption agencies and feel like we’re being led down that road, but we’re definitely not done praying about it.  The agency that seems to best fit our family has a 6-9 month wait before they begin taking new adoptive families, which would likely put us about 2 years out from bringing a new baby into our family.  While that may seem like a long time, we’re actually both okay with the wait.  Two years means H will be 5(!) and A will be 7(!) which seem like good ages for an older brother and sister to be when a new family member arrives.

So there’s my long update which basically took us in a circle!